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Snowboard - Final Product

Date: January - June 2015


This was my final project for my Design and Technology iGCSE certificate (UK 15-year olds' national examinations). The premise of the project was to showcase the ability for us to design and produce a product. While my teachers urged us to make something simple, like a wooden chopping board, I was at that moment very interested in snowboards so I decided I would like to make that instead.


This was a very special project that made me irreversibly fall in love with Design Engineering. Having this experience at such a young age made me dig deeper and set me on the journey I'm on today.
For the full project, please take a look at the snowboard portfolio.


Via months of research and contacting a local snowboard manufacturer in the English midlands, Douk Snowboards, I learnt everything there was to know about the construction process to make my own snowboard. I did everything from gluing poplar core and CNC machining the shape, to layering fiberglass with epoxy and setting it on a vacuum mould - and finally rode it!


Design & Technology Award for my school's grade