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NASA SPOCS - Competition Winners (Work In Progress)

Date: August 2020 - Present


Carrying out an experiment on the International Space Station (I.S.S.) to study the hypothesized growth of two bacteriums (S. aureus & C. albicans) with increased resistance and mutation rate due to microgravity.


Our team was selected by NASA as one of 5 U.S. University teams to launch and deploy a payload experiment to the I.S.S. for 30 days. We're designing and building the entire payload and experiment from scratch. Expected launch: Winter 2021 - Spring 2022.


I co-designed all of the mechanical systems in the payload using Solid Works (vibrational dampening, humidity control & thermal insulation). We are now in the process of manufacturing a first prototype and testing it at the Carleton Lab Facilities.


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Alfonso Ussia; Gaurav Kulkrani; Kal Ganeshan; Ahmet Karadeniz; Swati Ravi; Hugo Favila; Leonardo Arvan; Felipe Aleixo Dos Santos; Matthew Groll; Bruno Arvan; Juan Andres