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Product Design and Engineering

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HPods (Haptic Pods co/ WearWorks) - MVP

Date: January - May 2019


WearWorks's goal is to to transmit information through touch. My team and I collaborated with Keith, the CEO and co-founder, to build a prototype that would allow him to experiment with the possibilities of haptic design to come up with future uses.


HPods is a multi haptic motor system that parses coloured line graphs and outputs the corresponding intensity as the motor's speed (and the colour of the line on an LED). It allowed Keith to translate his ideas of multi-haptic experiences easily and visually to prototype fast.


I led the development of the product's design, ideating and sketchning different ways it could become scalable and modular. I also developed the circuit design, working with microcontrollers, breakout circuit boards & motor components and co-wrote and implemented the Arduino software that controlled the motor outputs.


Maggie Fei; Fuming Qiu; Jake Lee; Mustafa Eyeceoz; Justin Lee