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3DP prosthesis - MVP

Date: January - May 2017

This prosthesis was part of a 70-page research project I carried out on Additive Manufacturing technologies as part of coursework for my final year of high-school, with the thesis:
The additive manufacturing technologies can be used to help the strand of society with limited resources in a sustainable way.

I framed the problem around the problem of remnant land-mines in Angola, and how 3D Printing, with it's customizable design possibilities, was the perfect technology to enable a solution for people missing limbs.

To dry run this deployment, I went through an initial phase of problem-solving, ie. ideating an MVP and building it quickly. The result was me assembling a 3D Printer (BCN3D), a 3D plastic recycler (Filastruder) and a prosthetic hand (Cyborg Beast). Sadly, due to time constraints, I didn't have time to design any of these devices, rather I found pre-exiting ideas and built them out. However, this was enough for me to create a proof of concept that this technology was available and able to solve the problem I set out to solve. Finally, as part of the proof of concept, to test its deployment and potential training of locals in Angola for the service to become self-sustained, I trained a group of students at my school to learn about the technologies involved and how to use them.